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The garage Door Spring is broken

In the event that your garage door is unable to shut or open, it could be due to a damaged spring. If this is the case, you can repair a damaged spring simply by replacing the old one with a fresh spring.

Set the Door

When the spring is broken when the garage door is down position, you’ll need to raise it. It is possible to do this with the assistance of a companion since the door is heavy. The door should be lifted up and then set in the fully open position. This will help to ease the springs so that they don’t stretch and are in tension. To accomplish this, you’ll have to disconnect the bar that locks the chain from the mechanism.

Make the Door

After the door has been opened, Once the door is opened, attach a pair of vise grips to the side that has a broken spring. Make sure to do this underneath the final rolling wheel on the track. This will stop your door from going. Unplug the springs damaged and the garage door. Check that the pulleys are still in good working order. If the bearings or the pulleys are damaged, they must be replaced.

Get the latest Spring

Take note of the length of the spring that is broken with a tape measure. Also, you can determine the width of the spring that’s on your garage door. You can take these measurements to a retailer who has garage door parts that you can buy. Make sure you buy two springs that are the same in both length and diameter.

Install New Spring

Check the spring that isn’t broken at the door and observe where the cable is over the pulleys. Set the spring up over the door. Place the cable on the door and then tighten the cable to create tension. Be sure that the cable is not stretched by more than 1 inch.

Replace Unbroken Spring

Removing the springs from garage doors requires replacing both the damaged spring as well as the spring that is not broken. This is necessary since you must use springs with the same force. Remove your vise grips from the track, and then attach them to the opposite side. Unbroken spring removed, then place the new spring on top.

Test the Door

Connect the lock bar to the chain mechanism. The vise grips must be removed from the track, and proceed to lower the doors until it is on the level of the ground. In the event that your garage door can not touch the ground, you must restart the spring so that the door is lowered until it reaches the ground.


Lower and raise your garage doors to check your work. You’ll be able to discern if the springs are too loose or tight.